Marc Winkelman
Keynote Speaker

Marc Winkelman

Global Director Manufacturing Innovation Capability, P&G

Marc Winkelman is a global director of Procter & Gamble’s “Product Supply Manufacturing, Innovation & Capability center of excellence”.

Marc is from The Netherlands. He completed his studies at the Rotterdam University of Business Management and he became additional a Certified Production and Inventory Manager during his army time. His 25+ years of professional experience in P&G spans multiple supply chains, manufacturing sites and corporate functions.

He has worked in many areas of product supply: at country-, regional- and global level, from initiative planner to manufacturing execution roles, from site responsible to manufacturing excellence within and outside P&G.

He is recognized as a very pragmatic expert in applying and coaching the IWS methodology. For the last 4 years, he has a leading role in consulting P&G’s manufacturing excellence methodology, “Integrated Work System” (IWS) in the alliance with EY Consultancy to coach the methodology at non-P&G’s companies.

He has successfully coached this methodology in various environments (low & high tech) and various areas (from production line to board-room) around the globe with multiple companies.

His presentation will highlight the 7 actions leadership do at P&G to accelerate their operational excellence capability & results. That capability has helped the company to have a year-on-year program of cost saving, inventory reduction, service improvement, productivity gains and employee satisfaction.

Key topics during this session will include:

  • Vision and execution of IWS, Procter & Gamble’s OPEX program, focused on leadership engagement, employee skill development, and delivery of business benefits
  • How IWS empowers people to work in their area of expertise or interest along the production process (quality, safety, applications, throughput increase, reliability, etc)
  • How IWS interlinks the development and integration of digital tools and manufacturing technologies in a smart factory