SCM Projects Manager, Viohalco

Περικλής Τσαχαγέας

Periklis Tsahageas is a Business Consultant for the companies of Viohalco, a Belgium-based holding company of leading metal manufacturing companies across Europe. He manages a number of Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning and Scheduling Projects and co-ordinates the Viohalco APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) Info Team.

He is member of the executive team of Canadian-registered Supply Chain Management consultancy WHISCO Consultants Inc.

Projects he has managed have received a number of awards and distinctions in the BITE (Business IT Excellence) competitions (every year since 2014), the 2017 Transport and Logistics Awards, the Private Sector Excellence Award of the WITSA 2017 Global ICT Excellence Awards Program (Taiwan) and the Manufacturing Excellence Award of the 21st Supply Chain Excellence Awards (London).

He holds a Masters of Engineering Degree in Software Engineering from Imperial College London and has been managing Software Projects for over 30 years.

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